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VIP Geneva Airport Transfers

What is a VIP Geneva Airport Transfer?

Well, i can’t speak for all private airport transfer companies but here at Deluxe Transfers the service is quite different from a standard “shared” service.

One of the main differences will be the quality and type of vehicle you are collected in.  At “Deluxe” we operate with a small fleet of Mercedes Benz cars, a Viano 4×4 with 7 seats and now a Class ML 4×4.  Both of these vehicles provide a smooth and very comfortable ride with high levels of specification such as leather interiors, front and rear climate control, privacy glass, on board drinks and plenty of leg room.

Apart from the obvious vehicle differences a private transfer will leave the airport when you (the customer) is ready and not when the operator is ready to leave.  This is a very significant point, many companies will keep customers waiting at the airport for up to one hour until their Van is full before leaving, in this situation a private transfer would already have arrived in (for example) Chamonix before the shared transfer had left!

Our policy on delayed flights is that we wait! its not your fault if an airline is delayed and we don’t think you should be made to pay for it either.  Often, your trip will be the only trip of the day for one of our vehicles and as such the vehicle and driver will happily wait.  This too is very important since in our experience about 25% of the flights landing in Geneva airport are late and about 10% will be substantially late (over one hour).

Professional drivers  will be at your pick up point well in advance of your arrival to make sure there are no problems and that you (the customer) are able to leave straight away.  Professional drivers will be smartly dressed and not wearing their ski/snowboard gear in the airport because they have come straight off the piste and down to the airport (Sitting next to one of these can quickly make you ill!)

Knowledge of all destinations is necessary to become a professional driver (At least with Deluxe) we travel to many different areas in winter and summer and pick up from all sorts of arrival points from little known private airports and train stations to large international ones.  If one of our drivers is unfamiliar with an area we have them arrive well in advance to scout the area out.

All this will come at a cost you may be thinking, well not really.  Yes, if you are traveling on your own from Geneva airport to Val D’Isere it will be more expensive that taking a shared transfer but many people still consider it worth while.  However, if you are a group and you can divide the price between friends then the price is the same as traveling with one of the large shared operators, except the service is far superior.

The above information is not intended to be negative in any way towards shared transfer operators in the alps who provide a very good option for individual travelers and groups alike.

For further information about “Geneva airport transfers”, “Geneva to Chamonix transfers” and other destinations please have a look at our web-site

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