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Spring in Chamonix

Spring starts in 9 days…….

Lac Passy

At this time of year there are loads of activities available in Chamonix, not just skiing. Dont get me wrong, the skiing is still great up high with freezing conditions over night and warm sunny afternoons. However, down in the lower Chamonix valley and even further down towards Sallanches and Passy things are already very different.

On my walk around Lac Passy today (11/03/22) i saw daffodils and Crocus’s sticking their heads out of the ground for the first time. yesterday in Lyon i saw Blossom trees in full bloom.

Back to activities, along with skiing at this time of year we can still get some cross country skiing done. Either in Chamonix or higher up in Argentiere.

Trail running is starting to look quite good especially down towards Sallanches. In the Chamonix valley some people never actually stop running on the trails even during winter. My last run up to park Merlet on the south facing slopes high about Les Houches was already 50% snow free about 2 weeks ago.

Paragliding continues all year round in Chamonix, it becomes a bit more enjoyable in the warmer air of the afternoon.

Mountain bikes are making a bit of a come back too. A lot of the south facing trails are snow free at the moment even relatively high up. Lower down near to Sallanches the trails are totally snow free. Another advantage at this time of year is that the trails are not busy.

This time of year is possibly my favorite time of year to be in Chamonix, we have all the summer to look forward to, the school holidays are over and the skiing is still open, what else could you ask for.

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