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Geneva to Chamonix Transfers Covid Situation

Since the beginning of the Covid crisis its been difficult to know if we are allowed (or even able) to travel over the Swiss boarder and into France transiting through Geneva airport.

Geneva airport arrivals

Firstly, are there even any flights?…….. At the time of writing there are exactly 6 flights per day into Geneva airport, so your chances of even finding a flight that suits your needs is slim. however, Easyjet have announced that from 15 June they are starting to fly into and out of Geneva airport with the intention of increasing flight numbers over the following weeks into July.

Am i permitted to travel over the Swiss boarder into France? Well…..the Swiss boarder isn’t closed just heavily controlled. People travelling into Switzerland are allowed if they have a valid ticket. The same goes for people travelling into France, and remember there is also a French side to Geneva airport if ever the Swiss authorities decided somebody wasn’t allowed into Switzerland.

Is my Transfer/Taxi company allowed over the boarder. Sounds like a silly question but depending on the type of license your chosen transport company has they might actually have problems travelling over the boarder. Simply put Taxi companies with a Taxi license and VTC companies have new regulations to clarify how they are to operate. They are allowed to travel over the boarder and should be equipped according to a strict set of COVIS-19 regulations. The old “transport de Voyageurs” internal license is being phased out in France and as such may encounter difficulties travelling over the boarder, as such companies using this type of license should be avoided.

For further information regarding Covid-19 travel regulations or anything else please feel free to contact us at Deluxe Transfers. We havent stopped operating over this difficult period and as the summer season starts to get going we will be here to help for the foreseeable future.

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