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Geneva airport transfers

DELUXE TRANSFERS Select prices for summer 2011.

Airport Transfers

  • Chamonix to Geneva = 180 Euros
  • Chamonix to Milan = 450 Euros
  • Chamonix to Turin = 340 Euros
  • Chamonix to Lyon = 400 Euros

Other destinations

  • Chamonix to Annecy = 180 Euros
  • Chamonix to Megeve = 80 Euros
  • Chamonix to Martigny = 90 Euros
  • Chamonix to Trient = 60 euros
  • Chamonix to Zermatt = 300 Euros
  • Chamonix to Champex = 140 euros

Please note this is just a small selection of our more popular routes, we are available for any route any where any time, ask for more details/quotes.

James Coates


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